Time-based forex trading strategy – more free articles

I’ve recently written two more articles and produced accompanying videos for the forex time-based strategy called NYTime.  This series of articles describes in intricate detail everything about the trading system which has proven to be very profitable.  All the information is free and is a great learning tool for those who wish to develop their own strategies or to discover exactly what is involved, from start to finish, in building a consistently profitable trading system.

These latest articles describe the Entry trigger, the initial stop loss placement and the advanced money management strategy that is used.

You can find the articles published at the following links, along with some useful comments from readers and myself:

Coming up in the next article is an optimized method for moving the stop to reduce losses, and the exit strategy to try to capture the bulk of available profits.

Trade Seriously!

Mark Thomas


The best trend-following system I’ve used

Just a very quick post to let you know that I’ll be publishing a detailed review of a forex trend-following system that I’ve been using recently.
The link to the system is here and I’ll be offering a bonus to those purchasing through that link.  I’ve tried many trend-following systems to date and this one has produced the best results for me so far.

My review will include a video and additional information and tips as to how to best use the system to produce consistent profits.

Till later, Trade Seriously!

Mark Thomas