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We’ve just published five more free forex-related articles which are informative and can help traders learn about the markets. Here are the links:

Forex Trading Tool – To truly become a successful trader, you should also have the best forex trading tool.

Profitable Forex Trading – Profitable forex trading is a feasible aim but it can only be achieved by hard work and planning.

Forex Risk Management – There is no better way to become successful over the long term than recognizing forex risk management techniques as your best trading tool.

Forex Risk – Recognize the risks to reap the rewards.

Forex Profit – The potential of forex profit exists for everyone, but success is likely to be dependent on the time and focus that you are willing to commit.

Mark Thomas

Trade on Track – Preview Version Live

We’re very pleased to announce that Trade on Track (preview version) is now, for the first time, publicly available!  It has been over 2 years in the making, but we believe well worth the wait.

Trade on Track - Website Home Page

Trade on Track - Website Home Page

In conjunction with the launch, the Trade on Track public website has a new home page which provides plenty of juicy information about the product, including a 5 minute video and  easy facilities to register & start using the product immediately.

There is also a very special offer, which reduces the subscription price to less than 1/2 price – so best to get in as quickly as possible.

Trade on Track is a unique forex trading tool which assists traders in tracking all their trades, then analyzing them later.

It has many other features including risk management, news announcement warnings, Metatrader 4 integration .. the list goes on.  Visit the website for more information:

The next version of the software, which includes a full trader mentoring portal, is to be released very soon. Trade on Track will continue to lead the market in revolutionary, invaluable trading tools built especially for forex traders.

Good luck and trade seriously!

Mark Thomas

Trade on Track