Learn a Profitable Forex Trading Strategy at this Free Webinar

This sort of opportunity doesn’t come along too often, so for those of you that would like to learn a highly profitable forex trading strategy for free, I suggest you read on …

Trading professionals, Michael Storm and Casey Stubbs are presenting a free forex webinar on March 31st at 4:30pm US EST where they will be teaching their most profitable trading strategy.  At the end of the webinar a 19″ flat panel monitor will be given away to one lucky attendee, so that is an added bonus!

Michael and Casey from Winners Edge Trading run a live trading room each week day, covering the European and US opening sessions of the forex markets.  Premium members can attend the live trading as often as they like, learning profitable strategies in real time.  The members form a terrific trading community, sharing ideas and asking questions as they learn the mindset, money management and strategies from professional mentors. The premium membership is the next best thing to having one-on-one personal mentoring by a successful forex trader.

The Winners Edge Trading website that Casey runs, is chock-full of free tips, strategies and helpful information for forex traders.  Casey is a rare commodity in the forex world, his honesty, integrity, hard work and genuine willingness to help struggling traders become profitable and successful has earned him the respect of thousands of subscribers.

I highly recommend you attend this free webinar that Casey and Michael are presenting on Wednesday, March 31st at 4:30pm EST.  Only a limited number of traders can attend, so register for the webinar now to reserve your spot.

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Remembering why you’re in a trade

Ever forgotten why you’re in a trade? Yep – you know you had a really good reason for entering, perhaps it was

Jogging your Forex Trading Memory

Jogging your Forex Trading Memory

a great swing trade on the 4hr chart, but if you look at it now – a couple of hours down the track, everything seems to be wrong. Well, maybe it wasn’t actually a swing trade, maybe it was just a quick trade that looked good on the 15min chart, in which case it’s well overdue and you should be out of it.

This problem escalates with the more trades that you have open at any one time.  The problem can be deadly (in a forex trading sense) because if you forget why you’re in a trade, you’ll most likely exit the trade at the wrong time.  Doing this basically negates ALL the good trading discipline processes you’ve put in place which are essential in becoming a successful trader.

Is there a simple solution?  YES!  Keep a good trading log and keep it up to date as soon as you enter a trade, adjust a trade or close a trade.  In your trading log, ensure you keep details such as the reason you took the trade.  The reason might include the trading strategy you used, the chart that you were working off, and your reasoning behind the stop loss and target points.

One easy way to manage an effective trading log is to use Trade on Track.  It has full trade tracking and analyzing features, plus much more.

For further information or to get started today, just visit www.tradeontrack.com

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Trade on Track

Don’t overlook fundamental analysis in your forex trading

Technical analysis lends itself very well to the currency markets, so most forex traders use technical analysis as the predominant tool in their decision making process when taking trades.Fundamental analysis in Forex trading

Experienced traders also know that fundamentals cannot be ignored.  In fact, if  you’re swing trading or position trading, you really should be looking at the fundamental picture of the markets BEFORE you look at the technicals.

So how do you determine what affect various fundamental factors have on a currency, like economic news announcements and monetary policy decisions?  You have to look at the affect these events have had on a specific currency historically.  And, it might not just be one news event that pushes a currency into a long-term trend, it might be a series of events spread out over a number of days, weeks or even months!

Trade on Track makes the process of tracking the importance and effect of news events simple, by allowing you to set up your own “news types” in the system, then record the various “news events” and the affect those events have had on a currency.  The system can calculate an “importance” value for you, or you can override it with your own manual importance value.

To utilize these features in your trading today, register with Trade on Track and start making your trading life simpler and more profitable.
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