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Metatrader export to Trade on TrackEver wanted to do a metatrader export of your trading account history?  Perhaps you’d like to analyze all the trades you’ve taken in metatrader 4, or analyze the trades that your EAs are taking?

Trade on Track has an import facility which lets you import trade history from Metatrader 4. Reasons you might want to do this are:

  • You’ve just started using Trade on Track and you’ve got a lot of trade history in Metatrader that you’d like to analyze properly.
  • You have some automated trading robots (Expert Advisors, EAs) that take trades for you in Metatrader, and you’d like to bring the details of all those trades into Trade on Track.
  • You’ve been using Metatrader 4 for a while now, and you’d like to do some more analysis beyond the Statement / Report that Metatrader gives you.

The process is quite simple.  You just right-click in the ‘Account History’ tab of the Terminal window in MT4, then select ‘Save As Report’. This saves a trading statement in HTML format to your hard drive somewhere (to the place of your choosing).  Then, in Trade on Track, you go to the ‘Import / Export’ -> ‘Import Trade History’ menu option.  In there, you can just do a new upload of the HTML report that you just saved from MT4!

The Import Trade History feature keeps a temporary copy of the trades you’ve uploaded, so that you can check & confirm the details before you actually import them into Trade on Track.  If you spot a problem, just delete the import and start again.

You can export trade history from Metatrader on a regular basis (for instance, once a week), by selecting the “Custom Period” option in the “Account History” right-click menu.  Just select the date range for the last week, create the report, then upload just that week’s worth of data into Trade on Track.

As soon as you’ve imported the account history into Trade on Track, you can view all the trades in the Trading Log.  The dashboard charts will also reflect all the newly updated trading history, as will the Profit Summary table at the bottom of the screen.

Analyzing your trading performance is a crucial step in becoming a successful forex trader. It’s also a good idea to analyze the trading performance of your expert advisors (EAs) on a regular basis.  The Export / Import feature described above is a simple, fast and accurate way of analyzing the trading history from Metatrader 4.

Trade on Track is designed to manage your trading in real time, providing interactive risk management and money management tools, as well as enforcing trading discipline.  So, it’s always best to enter your trades into Trade on Track first, so that you can assess risk and ensure all your trading rules have been checked off BEFORE confirming the trade.  However, if you have trading robots or trades already in Metatrader that you want to export, then the “Import Trade History” feature is the one to use.

Good luck and Trade Seriously!

Mark Thomas

PS. Here’s a little video showing how it all works:

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