Metatrader 4 Integration

Did you know that you can integrate MetaTrader4 with Trade on Track?
Metatrader 4 Integration diagram

Metatrader 4 Integration diagram

What does this mean?  Well, it means you can:
  • Enter your trades (or pending orders) directly into Trade on Track (ToT) (using whatever decision tools you like, eg. charts, signals, news etc.) At this time, you’ll also enter your stop loss and target points.
  • ToT will provide the usual functions such as risk calculations, risk/reward ratio, news event warnings, and of course it will enforce the entering of a reason for entering the trade.
  • Details of the new trade will be retrieved by your running copy of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) using our exclusive integration EA (script) provided by ToT.  Your MT4 could be running on your own computer or hosted elsewhere, it doesn’t matter.
  • MT4 / your broker will execute the order.
  • The EA script running on MT4 will notify ToT that the order is now a trade.
  • When the stop or target is hit in MT4, the EA script will notify ToT to close the trade.

Using the integration facility means that you only need to enter the trade details once, into one system.  And, you still get the benefits of using your broker of choice, the excellent MetaTrader4 platform, and the superb tracking & analyzing facilities of Trade on Track.

Good luck and Trade Seriously!
Mark Thomas
Trade on Track

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